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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Towel Please!

(Above: Gingham-Black Star Line)

Recently The Dusty Attic has had a growing demand for kitchen towels. They make a great gift when paired with some of our coffees, soap dispensers and other kitchenwares.
Not to mention extremely affordable to duel purpose as a table runner, bathroom hand drying towel, and when paired with curtain hooks they make very inexpensive quick curtains.
Two of these kitchen towels make a great set of curtains for less than $10. As curtains, you can use them to cover a window or to cover an area of a cabinet or shelf that's not so pretty or even under your bathroom sink to create a hidey-hole spot.
They also are very pretty folded and drapped over a cabinet door.
I (Brittany) even have a set to sew together to make a pillow case because I like the fabic sooo much and cute pillow cases are hard to find.
Wouldn't these also be prettier covers for those great big ice packs and heating pads.
Oh, and if you sewed the long sides together and ran a drawstring through the top and another through the bottom, you could make your own bag holder to match the rest of your kitchen towels or curtains.
Or do something similar to what I did for my little girl... Sew a towel into a pouch to put your pre-k-ers extra "just in case" clothes in to keep at school. Everyone loved that.

(Above: Country House Burg. Star)


(Above: Mustard Type - Black Star Line)


(Above: Willow)

(Above: Saffron)
(Above: Cambridge)
(Above: Navy Plaid)
(Above: Floral Type - Black Star Line)

(Above: Red Ticking Type)
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  1. I love the towels..how much are they? also as I was scrolling down I love the idea for the towels in the pip candle rings..which sized pip was used for that photo? I love the ways/tips you shared on how to use these..do you have a selling blog? love that green hutch...fabulous!!!