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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Pip Option Photos and Descriptions

In the past we have had a few customers say... "What is a pip?" Then what comes next is "What is a teardrop",...."spray",......etc.
So in this post you will find a little more about what they are and how you may use them.
(Above: Bright Pumpkin colored SPRAYS)
....are the little berry looking things on all of the items that you are about to see.
...are usually classified as, but isn't limited to, a floral type of item. The sprays above are a small floral "branches" that are covered with a pip "berry".
Try to picture it like this......
They resemble the spray of water that comes out of a sprayer bottle when held out.
Simple huh?

(Above: These are the 2 lengths of pip teardrops that we offer here at The Dusty Attic.)
... are very similar to sprays except they have a more finished look to their gathered end. The ends, instead of being straight out and covered with more floral tape, are twisted and looped into a teardrop shape so that they may be hung prettier.
Teardrops may also be used like a spray and placed into an arrangement rather than hung.

(Above: A small gold teardrop is hung from a cabinet latch.)

(An assortment of small teardrops placed in flower pot buckets to look like drieds or flowers in bloom.)

(An assortment of colored teardrops offered at The Dusty Attic.)

(Teardrops also look very pretty displayed with curled branches.)
Candle Rings
...are the ringed objects above and are basically what they are called.
A ring to go around your candles.
But don't let these little guys fool you. They are the best lil quick change artists around our store.
We have used them as candle rings, bowl fillers, jar fillers, ornies, towel holders, curtain tie backs, mini wreaths, hung them in the windows from ribbon, placed them as necklaces on prim bears, hung stars in the centers of them and so on and so on.
The possibilities are endless!
(Candle Ring as a towel holder.)

(Stacked Medium and Small Candle Rings make this battery opporated candle display look so much fuller.)

(This Candle Ring is being used as a curtain tie back.)

...are the longer strands of pips, like the one above. They can be displayed in multiples down a doorway,stick straight and hooked, to form a large display for the holidays. Silicone lights run through them also make for a very bold display. Garlands can be used to drape over curtain tops, over peg shelves, across the top of cabinets as well as inside of a cabinet shelf. They can also be used to add a little color to a grapevine or dragonvine wreath. Wrap them around a christmas tree for a more natural looking garland. Bend them into the shape of your favorite display bowl and it fills it wonderfully.
Once again, the possibilities are endless.
Here are a few samples of some of the colors we offer.

(Americana Colors)
(Burg. and Gold Mix)
(Light Pumpkin Color)

(Primitive Green (sage) Color)

(Bright Pumpkin Color)

(Bright Red Color)
These items are FOR SALE.

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