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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Primitive Star Dragonvine Wreath

Here is a Dusty Attic Custom made by me (Brittany) for a friend. I think it turned out really sweet!
Hope you like it Tracy!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Towel Please!

(Above: Gingham-Black Star Line)

Recently The Dusty Attic has had a growing demand for kitchen towels. They make a great gift when paired with some of our coffees, soap dispensers and other kitchenwares.
Not to mention extremely affordable to duel purpose as a table runner, bathroom hand drying towel, and when paired with curtain hooks they make very inexpensive quick curtains.
Two of these kitchen towels make a great set of curtains for less than $10. As curtains, you can use them to cover a window or to cover an area of a cabinet or shelf that's not so pretty or even under your bathroom sink to create a hidey-hole spot.
They also are very pretty folded and drapped over a cabinet door.
I (Brittany) even have a set to sew together to make a pillow case because I like the fabic sooo much and cute pillow cases are hard to find.
Wouldn't these also be prettier covers for those great big ice packs and heating pads.
Oh, and if you sewed the long sides together and ran a drawstring through the top and another through the bottom, you could make your own bag holder to match the rest of your kitchen towels or curtains.
Or do something similar to what I did for my little girl... Sew a towel into a pouch to put your pre-k-ers extra "just in case" clothes in to keep at school. Everyone loved that.

(Above: Country House Burg. Star)


(Above: Mustard Type - Black Star Line)


(Above: Willow)

(Above: Saffron)
(Above: Cambridge)
(Above: Navy Plaid)
(Above: Floral Type - Black Star Line)

(Above: Red Ticking Type)
These items are FOR SALE.

Love those Dipping Bowls!

New, this July are these dipping bowls with spreaders.
Aren't these just tooooo cute.
Their quote-unquote names are DIPPING bowls...but I must say, I would have to whip up my favorite cheeseball mix (instead of a dip) to flop into one of these little cuties!
"Wind-n-willer" Blue Cheese!!! - Brittany
I guess it doesn't really matter what you use IN it ... my lil girl would probably use it for ketchup...lol!
Ketchups a dip too ..... Right?! Hahaha.
These bowls are FOR SALE.
*The Dusty Attic does not sell Wind & Willow Brand Mixes*

(*Now SOLD*) Another Great Green Cabinet - $100.00

The Dusty Attic has another great GREEN cabinet...lol. No, we aren't painting them this lovely color. It is from the same home as the bakers cabinet. It must have matched their jade colored kitchen sets??? I don't really know. But it is just as sweet to display in as the other cabinet.
It does have a few more bumps and scratches but like I said... sweet none the less.
The counter top is made of wood unlike most hoosier cabinets that have enamel. But the feature of being able to pull the top out for more room makes that not too shabby at all.
It also has a roll down door on the right side.
The sifter is a bit rusty but makes the perfect patina for a lover of prim and rusties. Of course since there IS a sifter, the top is the bin.
(By the way, the cobwebs and dust are free.... No charge for that, I promise. Haha!)

I realize that I didn't take quite a cute picture of this cabinet but I was in a little more of a hurry to brag about the cabinet than arranging something pretty to go in it.

Cute Cute!
This item is FOR SALE.


Pip Option Photos and Descriptions

In the past we have had a few customers say... "What is a pip?" Then what comes next is "What is a teardrop",...."spray",......etc.
So in this post you will find a little more about what they are and how you may use them.
(Above: Bright Pumpkin colored SPRAYS)
....are the little berry looking things on all of the items that you are about to see.
...are usually classified as, but isn't limited to, a floral type of item. The sprays above are a small floral "branches" that are covered with a pip "berry".
Try to picture it like this......
They resemble the spray of water that comes out of a sprayer bottle when held out.
Simple huh?

(Above: These are the 2 lengths of pip teardrops that we offer here at The Dusty Attic.)
... are very similar to sprays except they have a more finished look to their gathered end. The ends, instead of being straight out and covered with more floral tape, are twisted and looped into a teardrop shape so that they may be hung prettier.
Teardrops may also be used like a spray and placed into an arrangement rather than hung.

(Above: A small gold teardrop is hung from a cabinet latch.)

(An assortment of small teardrops placed in flower pot buckets to look like drieds or flowers in bloom.)

(An assortment of colored teardrops offered at The Dusty Attic.)

(Teardrops also look very pretty displayed with curled branches.)
Candle Rings
...are the ringed objects above and are basically what they are called.
A ring to go around your candles.
But don't let these little guys fool you. They are the best lil quick change artists around our store.
We have used them as candle rings, bowl fillers, jar fillers, ornies, towel holders, curtain tie backs, mini wreaths, hung them in the windows from ribbon, placed them as necklaces on prim bears, hung stars in the centers of them and so on and so on.
The possibilities are endless!
(Candle Ring as a towel holder.)

(Stacked Medium and Small Candle Rings make this battery opporated candle display look so much fuller.)

(This Candle Ring is being used as a curtain tie back.)

...are the longer strands of pips, like the one above. They can be displayed in multiples down a doorway,stick straight and hooked, to form a large display for the holidays. Silicone lights run through them also make for a very bold display. Garlands can be used to drape over curtain tops, over peg shelves, across the top of cabinets as well as inside of a cabinet shelf. They can also be used to add a little color to a grapevine or dragonvine wreath. Wrap them around a christmas tree for a more natural looking garland. Bend them into the shape of your favorite display bowl and it fills it wonderfully.
Once again, the possibilities are endless.
Here are a few samples of some of the colors we offer.

(Americana Colors)
(Burg. and Gold Mix)
(Light Pumpkin Color)

(Primitive Green (sage) Color)

(Bright Pumpkin Color)

(Bright Red Color)
These items are FOR SALE.

Pip Prices

Pip & Star Candle Rings
Small 2 inch Candle Rings-------------------------------$1.00
Medium 6 inch Candle Rings----------------------------$2.09
Large 8 inch Candle Rings-------------------------------$3.99
(Candle Ring Sizes are measure from outter diameter)

Pip Garlands
Pip and Star Garlands ( 40 inch)-------------------------$11.95
Pip W/O Stars (48 inch)---------------------------------$11.95

Pip Sprays
Pip Sprays -----------------------------------------------$3.99

Pip Teardrops
Small 10 inch Teardrops----------------------------------$1.99
Large 18 inch Teardrops----------------------------------$5.50

Pip Willow Trees
Pip & Star Willow Trees----------------------------------$15.99
Pip & Crows Willow Trees--------------------------------$13.50

3 Feet Pip Willow Trees
Burg. Pip Willow Trees-----------------------------------$28.95
Burg. & Creme Willow Trees------------------------------$28.95

Color choices may vary with each type of Pip Item.
Please ask for availability if you are unsure.

All Pip Items are FOR SALE.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Baker's Cabinet - $300.00

The Dusty Attic got this new bakers cabinet last week. I absolutely adore it. I kept asking Connie (momma-n-law and owner of the Dusty Attic) if she would notice such a big piece missing if it accidently found it's way to my house. LOL!
Both of the bottom cabinets are actually bins!
Isn't it amazing.

Now I know that most people would think that this vintage jade color should be outlawed but I think it suits this cabinet extremely well...haha.
Look at those tiny drawers!

This item is FOR SALE.

Christmas Box Fun

Now, I know that I posted this one on my Crows of Prim Hollow blog but I had to share it on our Dusty Attic blog too because it was taken there.
This is Erica in a Christmas tree box that she stole after I was putting the tree up. She crawled inside and yelled to me that she was a mermaid and this was her mermaid tail. She was swimming in her mermaid tail in this pic. LOL!
It totally made my day!
Small Adorable Child - NOT FOR SALE. lol

Friday, July 9, 2010

Coffee ME!

The Dusty Attic carries the absolutely wonderfully TASTEY Door County Coffee line.
This is the best coffee you will ever brew and I mean that whole heartedly! When this coffee is in the perks.... it fills the whole house with the scent of ..... well,..... WONDERFUL. (I know that's not a scent but it should be!)
These Coffees are only available IN-STORE. All contracts with Door County do not allow for online purchases unless purchased from their personal online store.
The Dusty Attic offers these flavors:
Almond Toffee
Campfire Blend
Caramel Collision
Chocolate Cherry
Chocolate Meltdown
Cinnamon Hazelnut
Columbian Supremo
Cookie Dough
Cranberry Creme
German Chocolate Cake
Gourmet Hazelnut Creme
Heavenly Caramel
Just Vanilla
Sinful Delight
White Chocolate Almond
Vanilla Creme Brulee
And Very Many More as well as Seasonal Coffees.
Spring Line

Fall Line

Holiday Line

Our large display of Heavenly Coffees!
You have no idea how good one of these coffees taste with a cinnamon roll in the morning!!!!

Handpoured Wax Melting Tarts by The Dusty Attic

The Dusty Attic has had fantastic luck with handpoured wax melting tarts since the beginning of the store in 2007. Wax tarts have quickly become a staple of most purchases.
Through many attempts at purchasing different brands, we have finally found success in pouring our own, Honey Hollow Tarts. This allows The Dusty Attic to have as many, on hand, of one scent as we know our customers favorites and also allows us to have our scents available quicker than having to order. The Dusty Attic also keeps in mind the requests of certain scents that we do not yet carry so that our customers don't have to travel far for their favorite scents.
Honey Hollow Tarts can be used in any of the many assorted wax tart warmers that are available today. The Dusty Attic also carries an assortment of wax tart warmers in store.
Honey Hollow Scents Include but are not limited to:
Apple Crisp
Apple Jack & Peel
(Green) Apple
*Banana Nut Bread*
Birthday Cake
Blueberry Cobbler
Butter Cream
Clean Cotton
*(Red Hot) Cinnamon*
Cinnamon Bun
Coffee Shop
Creamy Vanilla
General Store
*Hawiian Breeze*
Juniper Breeze
Love Spell
*Oatmeal Raisin Cookie*
Oatmeal Cookie
Pumpkin Cornbread (NEW-12/2010)
Pumpkin Muffin
Pumpkin Pie
Rainbows End
Spring Rain
*Sugar Cookie*
Sugar Maple (NEW-12/2010)
Please feel free to email The Dusty Attic if you would like to order our tarts.

*2 FREE tarts with any wax warmer purchase*
Our dry sink filled with mountains of Handpoured Honey Hollow Tarts
(One of these days, we plan to have a prettier package but our customers say their scent sells themselves...not the package! :) )

Honey Hollow Tarts are FOR SALE.
Each Tart is $0.99

Pips of All Kinds!

Antique Gold Pip & Star Candle Ring
At The Dusty Attic, we have many pips of all shapes and sizes. Wreaths, Willow Trees, Garlands, Sprays, Bushes and many Candle Rings in an assortment of sizes.
We are proud to have very reasonable prices and are very glad that we have many friends that come by our store just to visit and get ideas for their homes. In upcoming posts we will try to have a Tips/Ideas grouping of posts in order to help our fans keep their homes looking refreshed by using our pieces in different ways.
We hope you're looking forward to coming back!

Americana Star with Americana Pip & Star Garland

Antique Gold Pip Spray nestled in a mustard wall basket with Parks Design Towel

Extra Small Pip, Berrys and Stars Picks

Extra Small White Candle Rings (with green leaves) and Extra Small Burgandy/Antique Gold Candle Rings (with green leaves)

White Pip Teardrops displayed in basket with a Rusty Star and Apple Bowl Fillers

Bright Red Candle Rings with green leaves

Assorted Pip and Star Candle Rings

White Pip & Star Candle Rings

Bright Red, White & Blue Pip & Star Candle Rings

Antique Gold Candle Rings

Red, White and Blue Pip Sprays
We offer many more than what is shown above. I will try to add more pictures as well as pricing information on each item.
The Dusty Attic offers:
Aged Americana
Bright Americana
Burg. & Ant. Gold Mix
Antique Gold (Mustard)
Bright Red
Bright White
Bright Pumpkin
Muted Pumpkin
Harvest Mix
Dark Harvest Mix
Halloween Glittery Mix
Primitive Green
As well as many different seasonally available colors/options.