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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

(*Now SOLD*) Another Great Green Cabinet - $100.00

The Dusty Attic has another great GREEN cabinet...lol. No, we aren't painting them this lovely color. It is from the same home as the bakers cabinet. It must have matched their jade colored kitchen sets??? I don't really know. But it is just as sweet to display in as the other cabinet.
It does have a few more bumps and scratches but like I said... sweet none the less.
The counter top is made of wood unlike most hoosier cabinets that have enamel. But the feature of being able to pull the top out for more room makes that not too shabby at all.
It also has a roll down door on the right side.
The sifter is a bit rusty but makes the perfect patina for a lover of prim and rusties. Of course since there IS a sifter, the top is the bin.
(By the way, the cobwebs and dust are free.... No charge for that, I promise. Haha!)

I realize that I didn't take quite a cute picture of this cabinet but I was in a little more of a hurry to brag about the cabinet than arranging something pretty to go in it.

Cute Cute!
This item is FOR SALE.


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